Our Veterinarian


Dr. Britt Mills, DVM

Dr. Mills has been practicing veterinary medicine in BC for 29 years. She graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and spent 13 years running an equine practice in Northern BC.

She developed an interest in holistic medicine and completed a certification course in veterinary acupuncture with the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society in 1997. Since then she has completed many courses in spinal manipulation, cranio- sacral therapy, nutrition and herbal therapy.

She is passionate about integrative and complementary medicine and improving the well-being of animals by using the best of allopathic and holistic medicine. She spent many years riding and training dressage horses and obtained level 2 coaching certification with Equine Canada. She currently resides in Armstrong with her youngest son and 2 beautiful dogs. Her hobbies are hiking with the dogs, cooking gourmet meals, and scuba diving.

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We’re excited to

meet you


 We at Mills Vet want to give you the highest level of care possible. We care deeply about your companion’s health, and strive to show you the same compassion as we feel towards our own animals. Welcome to the Mills Vet family.



Alisha is our Mills Vet rockstar. She is our front desk and our first line of defense in helping you and your companions. She is conscientious and kind, and we are so grateful to have her!

In her spare time, Allisha likes to play with her dog Sasha, and loves to go on adventures with her husband Trevor.



 Jennifer Robinson is a small animal technician and we consider her our resident angel because of her compassion and gentleness with owners and animals alike.

She has loved animals since before she could speak and currently shares her home with her 2 beautiful dogs: Tahsha and Luna. She has had a long time interest in holistic health and nutrition and enjoys helping pets and their owners with an integrative approach to healing. She is an active partner in our Eight Branch Botanical initiative

In her free time you will find her hiking with her dogs, or spending time with her family and friends.



Kristi is our large animal technician and horse trainer. Kristi has over 35 years of animal ownership and specialized husbandry, and 25 years actively competing in horse training & equine conditioning. This, coupled with a 20 year career as a pharmacy technician made her a perfect fit for our Mills Vet team.

Kristi has experienced all the highs and lows of animal ownership, and her compassion for our customers shines through. She brings her love to each customer and patient interaction.

Kristi manages to keep herself busy in her time off, coming from a farm with 4 horses, 2 Rottweilers, 1 Burmese cat, and 1 husband. She’s passionate about dog conformation and obedience, even handling other people’s dogs and bringing them home with their titles.



 Maureen is our laboratory maven and our small animal technician extraordinaire. She is a trained Animal Health Technician, educated at Thompson Rivers University “many moons ago”. She has spent her career educating our Armstrong community on health, wellness, and safety.

Maureen is quick to share her immense knowledge about local herbs, even bringing us samples from her personal apothecary when we’re feeling the seasonal sicknesses. She is intensely curious over all things gross - parasites, bodily samples, and diseases. Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge educates our staff, and helps our clinic provide top-level care for our patients

Coming from a home with 2 senior dogs, 1 loving pigeon, 3 budgies, and 1 African Grey Parrot, Maureen’s life is never boring. When she’s not at the clinic geeking out over complex medical cases, Maureen can be found performing archery and medieval reenactment with her husband Manfred, or gardening up a storm.

 Designated Office Greeters (D.O.G.s)


 Our Mills Vet Designated Office Greeters (D.O.G.s) take their jobs very seriously when it comes to welcoming their four-legged friends in to our clinic. With woofs and wags, they want to make sure that everyone feels the love. We joke that we are the only veterinary clinic that has claw marks on the outside of the door, from dogs eager to come in and enjoy their treatment!