Mills Veterinary Services

At Mills Veterinary Services, we honor the special bond that people have with their animals.

We offer a compassionate integrated approach to veterinary care, combining the best of holistic

and conventional medicine to provide optimal well being for your horses and small animals.


We thank you for your support, flexibility, compassion, and patience.

From all of us at Mills Veterinary Services, we thank you for your patience and support in 2019. We are extremely grateful for your kindness and compassion while Dr. Mills and her team were called to aid the SPCA in providing care to 42 seized horses. This was a difficult scheduling endeavor at the clinic, as the critical health needs of these rescued horses were sometimes triaged over the maintenance health needs of regular patients. We apologize for every time we asked you to reschedule an appointment, and for any time we seemed distracted.

For our clients who are wondering, all of the 42 horses rescued in the April 2019 SPCA animal cruelty case have been adopted in to loving homes! We believe each horse has a happy ending because Dr. Mills’ was supported by all of her clients during this extremely tumultuous time. It was your love for animals that gave these 42 horses the opportunity for a new life.


We provide a range of holistic and traditional treatment options, all individually tailored to your companion’s needs. All initial treatments include a consultation with treatment plan to ensure you are fully involved in the planning process.