We promote Smart Vaccination Protocols

What is it

A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular disease. Through the act of vaccination, the animal becomes immunized, and prevents the disease from harming the animal.

Our Experience

Mills Veterinary Services is a  holistic clinic, and we believe no animals should be harmed or die from a preventable disease. Dr. Mills’ offers information on effective and individualized vaccination protocols for dog, cats, and horses customized based on age, activities, and health history. Dr. Mills supplements her vaccinations with homeopathics and herbs, where appropriate.

We also offer titre testing, and rabies vaccinations for international travel.

Which Animals are a good candidate?

All animals must be evaluated for their health. Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Mills to determine the vaccination protocol that best fits your needs.

Crossing the Border?

The rabies vaccination is required for cats and dogs for international travel, and it is required to be administered at least 30 days before the date of travel. Please plan appropriately. Additional information can be found here.

Additional Vaccination Information

Kennels, boarding facilities, and competitions in Canada often require proof of vaccination. If you have concerns about over-vaccination, you can inquire if a positive titre test meets their needs. Each facility is different, and we recommend that you find out this information as early as possible.