Custom Made Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices for Pets

What is it?

Orthopets is a Coloradan company that specializes in making custom braces and prosthetics for dogs. The braces they create are high quality, and suitable for even the most active of dogs. From the Orthopets website: “We want the best for your pet! OrthoPets has assembled a team of experts from the fields of veterinary orthopedic surgery, veterinary sports medicine, veterinary rehabilitation, mechanical engineering, and human orthotics & prosthetics. We operate a state of the art manufacturing center increasing accuracy and quality while decreasing fabrication time frames.”

Our Experience

Dr. Mills recommends an orthotic brace for dogs with a partial ligament or tendon tear, where surgery is not the preferred option. Dr. Mills has been working as a referring veterinarian for Orthopets since 2015. She has seen over 35 dogs successfully fitted for a brace, improving the lives of the dogs and owners alike. All braces include a warranty period, and Orthopets works closely with new owners to ensure a perfect fit from Day 1.

Which animals are a good candidate?

  • Dogs that will most benefit from a brace are dogs that are older than 3 years old, and weigh less than 100 lbs.

Please come in for a discussion if you believe that your dog would benefit from an orthotic brace!